Determine the operational status of pipe: is it excellent? or is technological control required? or is it critical situation?

b31gops(wth, depth)



nominal wall thickness of the pipe, [inch]. Type: assert_double.


measured maximum depth of the corroded area, [inch]. Type: assert_double.


Operational status of pipe:

  • 1 - excellent

  • 2 - monitoring is recommended

  • 3 - alert! replace the pipe immediately!

Type: assert_numeric and assert_subset.


ASME B31G-1991. Manual for determining the remaining strength of corroded pipelines. A supplement to ASTME B31 code for pressure piping.

See also

Other ASME B31G functions: b31crvl(), b31gacd(), b31gacl(), b31gafr(), b31gdep(), b31gmodpf(), b31gpf(), b31gsap()


 b31gops(.438, .1)
#> [1] 2
 # [1] 2  # typical status for the most of pipes

 b31gops(.5, .41)
#> [1] 3
 # [1] 3  # alert! Corrosion depth is too high! Replace the pipe!