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pipenostics 0.2.0

Current version

  • where possible and justified, support for multi-threaded data processing, based on the capabilities of the parallel package, has been added.
  • functions for determining the state of water and steam (IAPWS) have been excluded from the package due to the decision to use the built-in functions from iapws-package imported from CRAN.
  • set of functions mgtdhid(), mgtdhidt(), mgtdhgeo(), mgtdhgeot() are introduced to interface with Modified Ground Temperature Double Harmonic Model.
  • function meteos() is introduced to get a list of weather stations
  • functions geodist() and geoarea() for calculating geographical metrics are added.
  • functions traceline(), tracefw(), and tracebw() were added to process district heating networks with user-provided heat loss.
  • job log of m325tracefw() now does not contain duplicated traced flow paths.
  • job logs of m325tracefw() and m325tracebw() now contain loss, flux, Q.
  • function m325tracebw()now can trace partially sensor-equipped district networks.
  • functions m325dropt() and m325tracebwm() were excluded.
  • functions flux_loss() and loss_flux() were added to convert between specific heat loss power, [kcal/m/h] , and heat flux, [W/m^2].
  • the heat loss related terminology was clarified and adjusted: terms specific heat loss power, [kcal/m/h], and heat flux, [W/m^2], are viewed separately while stay closely related. Term consumption replaced with flow_rate.